zaterdag 8 augustus 2009

Ships in Götenborg july 17th 2009.


This time some nice pictures of our visit to the port of Götenborg.
On our trip on the MSC Lirica we made a stop at the containerterminal, so many ships to take pictures of.

Vega Stockholm
imo: 9358539
build: 2006
flag: Liberia
type: Container
Vega Verbier
Vega Verbiere

imo: 9246140
build: 2001
flag: Netherlands
type: Container
Tor Selandia
imo: 9157284
build: 1998
flag: Sweden
type: Ro Ro

Stolt Pelican
imo: 9016882
build: 1996
flag: Cayman Islands
type: Tanker

Container terminal at the port of Götenborg

Lasse Dahlquist

imo: 6591522
build: 1965
flag: Sweden
type: Passenger ship

Josephine Maersk
imo: 9215191
build: 2002
flag: Denmark
type: Container

Hanse Spirit

imo: 9302255
build: 2005
flag: Cyprus
type: Container


imo: 9248447
build: 2003
flag: Bahamas
type: Tanker


Götenborg carpark

Skandi Hav (in floating dry dock)
imo: 8202824
build: 1983
flag: Norway
type: offshore supply ship

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